Fritish: A definition



  1. adjective 

Fritish means belonging or relating to both France and Britain, or their people or their culture. In our case, all of the three.

  1. plural noun

The Fritish are the people behind this blog, cooking, living and loving in London, UK. Oliver is British, born and bread in South London and Marine is French, born and bread in… the south of France!


Marine and Oliver


Cooking is not only making beautiful delicious meals from scratch. Cooking is representative of your taste, your values, your culture, yourself. Cooking is, in that way, an art. And Ollie and I have decided to make that art together, to express our creativity and love for food, culture and…one another. 

Thanks to Ollie, I have discovered a complete new universe of spices – he knows his chillies! – of curries, Sunday roasts and Victoria sponges. Thanks to me, he entered a (Mediterranean) sea of vegetables, croissants, Côte du Rhône and crusty bread. Since I met him I have stopped peeling mushrooms, and increased my resistance to spice. Since he met me, he eats his croissants plain and knows what a real onion soup tastes like.

This blog is a crossroad of cultures and stories displayed in our food and way of life; we are also trying to do our best for the planet and to be as environmentally friendly as we can. That is why:

  • All the recipes on this blog will be either vegetarian or vegan. As recent scientific studies have shown, drastically reducing the amount of meat and dairy in your diet is the only single way to reduce your impact on the planet and help tackle climate change. I (Marine) is vegetarian and progressively making the switch to veganism. I have still not convinced Ollie to follow me on that journey, but at home, we always cook and eat vegetarian or vegan. [The Guardian article on that topic here. Read IPCC report here.]
  • We try to only buy fruits and vegetables that are in season and we buy them from the greengrocers – or as I explained in one of my post, we get them from Ollie’s parents’ wonderful garden. Buying local and seasonal vegetables helps reduce your carbon footprint. We also bring our own bags – goodbye plastic!
  • We try and produce as little waste as possible. We compost our food and recycle everything that is recyclable. We avoid disposable products, single use plastic and products that are wrapped in plastic
  • Our energy to heat and light our home comes from renewable sources only.

I hope you will enjoy this blog and enjoy our recipes as much as we do. All that’s left for us to say is:

Bon appétit!

The Fritish,

Marine and Oliver




Thank you to the amazingly talented artist Zoë who designed our beautiful watercolour logo. Check out all of her work on Instagram @zoe.guy.doodles and email zoeguyillustration@outlook.com for commissions. Merci Zoë!



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