Wulf and Lamb

Wulf and Lamb


Wulf and Lamb

About £45 for tow mains and two drinks, so on the pricey side of the equation, but really worth the treat. They do not take bookings.

One of my friends has a flair for great places to eat or have a coffee. I don’t know how she does, but she always finds them like a metal detector would find metal; she is a “great food” magnet. She knows all the names of the best restaurants/coffee shops by heart and has always somewhere new to try.

I must say that every.single.one of her recommendations were excellent and every time we meet, I wonder what I am going to discover. I don’t even bother trying to look for some interesting or surprising place to meet up anymore, I just follow her blindly. Thanks to her, I have opened my taste buds to new cuisines, surprising ingredients, and unexpected drinks. So when she told me she had tried a great vegan place in Sloane Square, we decided that it would be the spot of our next meet up.

Wulf and Lamb is a little gem tucked away from the agitation of London, in a pretty pedestrian street not far from Sloane Square station. The restaurant is simple and elegant and the atmosphere was friendly, warm and relaxed on this hot summer evening – yes, I did write hot! The members of staff were so nice and welcoming, happy to help with the order and making sure you are well looked after. That really makes a difference!

We sat on a small table outside, in this peaceful, quiet street and went to order (you have to order from the bar) two glasses of Prosecco, some house almonds and mixed olives as an apéritif (bien sûr!). My friend then had the Wulf burger and I had the green coconut curry with some chargrilled broccoli – in French and in English, we call that “having eyes bigger than your stomach” …As everyone would have expected but me, I couldn’t finish the curry or the broccoli, so I asked for a doggy bag. I do recommend to always ask for a doggy bag when you can’t finish your food; most of the restaurants happily do it and it helps fighting food waste (plus, you don’t have to cook the next day!). Because I obviously had enough, I ordered the cheesecake as well. I love cheesecakes, and I had never tried a vegan one so it would have been rude not to ! 

When our order arrived, the first thing that struck me was how colourful my plate was: bright orange sweet potato mash in a light green curry sauce sprinkled with black nigella seeds, vibrant green broccoli and beautiful white, almost translucent, jasmine rice. It was extremely pretty to look at, and I was really looking forward to tuck in. It didn’t disappoint: the combination of different textures and flavours created a delicious and harmonious mix. As far as the cheesecake is concerned, it was heaven. Light and creamy, refreshing and fruity, on top of a nutty, crunchy base. Truly satisfying for all the senses. Who said vegan food was boring? (Hint: not me).

I had such a great time with my friend, and the food was so good that I kept talking about it to Oliver for days, weeks and months after my first visit. So last time we were in central London, I jumped on the occasion and didn’t give him a choice: we were going to have dinner at Wulf and Lamb! (They also do breakfast and lunch, coffees, cakes, and takeaways… oh, I wish I’d live closer).

It wasn’t as warm outside as the first time, so we sat inside on comfortable chairs. The interior is simple and tastefully decorated; marble white tables, light green chairs, wide windows and a lot of lights, adding to the warmth and cosiness of the place.

This time, I had the Wulf burger, made with a Seitan burger and Ollie had the chilli “non” carne, made with smoky spiced mushrooms, lentils and kidney beans. It was superb, so tasty and colourful, so fresh and flavoursome! We will definitely be back – we haven’t tried everything on the menu…yet.

Wulf and Lamb is also great because it is 100% vegan and really shows that you can have a delicious, fulfilling – and filling! – meal (and life) without having to eat meat or dairy. Happy. Days.

Bon appétit !

The Fritish

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